Exploring C Wing

B Wing

Seb exploring B wing

Stairs of B Wing

Cells of C Wing

C Wing

The Prison Kitchen 

Indoor Gym

Corridors of the ORU

Corridors of the ORU

Cell Control Panel

Kitchen Remains

B Wing Cells

Locked Cell

Old Training Records

D Wing

More of C Wing

Razor Wire Everywhere

Edgy Enough ?

Control Panel



Pots and Pans

The Indoor Gym

The Visitors Window 

The Church

A Cell in B Wing

D Wing Upstairs

D Wing Downstairs

The Vast C Wing

Dentists Office

More of B Wing

Descending in B Wing

Outdoor Courtyard

Governor's Office

Outdoor Courtyard

Please Note: We do not force entry into any of these places, we only use access points available to us on the day and if there is none, we leave the site how it was to conserve it, if we get in we do not vandalise or steal / damage anything!

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